Remediation Options Appraisal

Where a site is identified as requiring remediation to ensure suitability for the proposed end use; Geo Environmental Engineering can review contaminated land assessments to carefully consider the remediation options available. These options may comprise of traditional methods such as clean cover and delineation/removal, with considerations made to physical, chemical, biological, thermal and solidification/stabilisation technologies that are currently available to remediate contaminated soils and groundwater. This methodical approach will ensure that the contamination is dealt with in an appropriate and cost effective manner.

Geo Environmental Engineering can produce a Remediation Strategy and liaise with the regulatory bodies (Local Authority, Environment Agency, NHBC, etc.) to ensure acceptance and final sign off satisfying any planning conditions that may have been applied.

Remediation Options Appraisal Remediation Options Appraisal Remediation Options Appraisal
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